Why I Gave Yoga the Summer Off


IMG_0023Try as I might, I just wasn’t able to keep up with doing yoga everyday. Some of our hotel rooms and cabins didn’t have enough room for me to roll out my trusty Mat*. Also by the time my crew woke up it was too hard to try and get it started.

Needless to say my anxiety was still a daily challenge as was my TMD (TMJ) pain. After dealing with the last 5 weeks in pain and bouts of anxiety, I found a miracle…in the form of kombucha. Not just any kombucha.. Live Soda Kombucha. Their unique organic & raw kombucha tastes just like some of the soda of our childhood. Flavors like Pure Doctor & Culture Cola taste so much better than their toxic counterparts 🙊 and are WAY better for you! You can find these wonderful bottles of pure bliss at some Whole Foods Market & Natural Grocers as well as a variety of smaller health food stores (you can find one close to you here).

I have followed a beautiful goddess , January Harshe, on Instagram and Facebook for well over 2 years now. Her inspirational posts have helped me combat my anxiety as well as wanting to be more accepting of my body and being body positive.

I have realized that I have not been comfortable with my body image since after the birth of my daughter over 11 years ago. I have the “mommy pouch” along with some extra booty and a little extra in some other areas too. I have just hid behind the next size up for many years. My weight has yo-yo’d quite a bit over the years.

And this past weekend it hit me…..

One of the reasons that I am unhappy is easily fixable. While it’s a easy fix, there is still alot of hard work to get me there. For me to be happier, I needed to get fit and loose some of my physical baggage. I spend alot of time in hotels due to traveling for work, so I might as well take use of their fitness room in to help me on my fitness journey.

It has been 4 days now and I am feeling great. My newest buddies are the elliptical machine, the recumbent bike, the treadmill and the free weights.

I’m sad to give my faithful Mat the Summer off, but it will be for the better. I’m eagerly looking forward to what the next few months will bring. 😄

*Mat is famous! Check out this amazing video about the other Mats’ adventures at Kimpton Hotels!*

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