The Lady in Red



While awaiting the gentleman at the front desk to help me with my request, I overheard a guest and the young lady on the other side of the desk trying to solve a problem.

“It says that you have to have Flash…”, the young lady said.

“How do I do that? It just says that I need a picture for Facebook..” the guest, a older woman, said.

As I watched them try to figure out how to solve the issue preventing them from taking a picture with the tablet in their hands, I realized that the tablet was more than a tablet.. it was an iPad.

‘ Apple product’, I thought. ‘This is right up my alley.’

“Do you mind if I help?” The front desk staff explained the problem they were having, so I asked if I could see the iPad. After about 30 seconds I realized the problem.

“ take and upload a picture of yourself to Facebook you need the app, since the iPad doesn’t have Flash.”

“Well how do I do that?” The older woman was quite puzzled. When I went to download the app for her, we encountered the first of several roadblocks. She didn’t know her Apple ID password.

It took a few tries but I finally found the place where I could reset her password (I was a bit rusty as it had been a long while since I had to reset my own😁). I walked her through how I was going to reset her password and jotted down the instructions for later incase she had to do this again.

When I went to download it again, we hit another roadblock..the card on file was missing some information. About 2 minutes later..and a quick card switch, we are back on track.

As I signed her in to the app, I learned her name..Ms. E. She was kind and very eager to learn how to navigate her iPad. After solving the initial problem, we went through any other questions she had as I showed her some of the ‘ins and outs’ of her iPad. By the end we had deleted a few pictures, changed her lock code and enabled where the App store required her password for app purchases including free ones.

What was originally supposed to be a 5 minute quest to find a local grocery store to go buy snacks, turned into a close to 60 minutes of growing and learning. I helped a complete stranger overcome technology hurdles while helping myself.

So thank you Ms. E… my Lady in Red..for helping reduce the anxiety, tension and stress that I carried with on my walk down to the front desk. You gave me an opportunity to come out of my open up to a complete stranger..and to just be me. 🙂

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