I don’t post on my social media channels often because my day-to-day life is very busy…full of work & a little bit of schooling…but mostly struggles over anxiety & stress.
I have felt like a failure for so many years for so many reasons. I feel that I have failed my family, my friends and many opportunities to get out of this rut.
But as of the night of May 14th, 2016…it all changes. I will not let myself live in this miserable state anymore. I will not continue to live the life that I have for the past 10+ years.
It’s time to end this nonsense. To no longer allow those who continue to lie about me..those who continue to hold me down…those who have hurt me for years emotionally and physically… It All Ends…

It’s time for me to take a stand. From this night on…I will fight for what I want in my life. I will fight for me to succeed where others told me I couldn’t. I will fight for a better life for myself and those who I love.
Look out world… Here I come…

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